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Cultured Foods: A Revolution in Supercharging Your Body!

Every culture around the world eats cultured foods and with good reason! Cultured foods are powerful agents on your road to wellness, boosting immunity, fighting inflammation and promoting enhanced digestion. We share reason why you should adopt these foods as your own and recipes to make them at home.

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10 Ways to Decrease Inflammation Naturally

Chronic inflammation is at the heart of every disease known to man. To curb inflammation is to promote optimal health and longevity and in this article we explore proven strategies putting the fire out on inflammation.

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Axis Chiropractic + Wellness of Lee’s Summit: About Our Clinic

Axis Chiropractic of Lee's Summit specializes in low force chiropractic care with an emphasis on prevention and wellness--this video highlights our services.

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Report Ranks U.S. Last in Overall Healthcare

The commonwealth fund's 2010 report cited the U.S. as having the worst health of the countries studied despite higher costs for care. Prevention is what we need to drive down costs as a nation--and that begins with understanding more about what it takes to be health!

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FDA Report Links Bone Fractures to Acid Reflux Drugs

The FDA recently linked proton pump inhibitors used for acid reflux and heartburn to fractures. Find out ways to avoid heartburn naturally and protect your bones for life!

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EWG Guide Sheds Light on Pesticides and Our Food

The EWG guide to produce helps consumers choose foods that are low in pesticides, decreasing the risk of toxic contamination. Choosing the right foods and maintaining proper nutrition is key to avoiding illness and disease.

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