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Sep 18

Low Testosterone and Plastics

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Low Testosterone, Cancer and Plastic | Lee’s Summit Chiropractor

Plastics are only a recent addition to the world, existing for less than 200 years, yet in our modern era everywhere we turn plastic is there waiting for us. This has, ultimately, led to plastic even showing up in our food, which has recently led to the discovery that people who are exposed to high levels of phthalates (a chemical found in plastics) have lower levels of testosterone in their blood compared to those exposed to reduced levels of phthalates. These results may have significant public health implications because low testosterone levels have been found to negatively affect reproductive development, and may also hinder sexual function, libido, energy, cognitive function and bone health.

Not only that, but many plastics contain xenoestrogens (or foreign estrogen molecules which mimic estrogen in the body). These foreign estrogens can lead to hormone and fertility issues in both men and women, while increasing the risk of many forms of cancer. Reduce your risk of plastic exposure by avoiding all plastic containers and plastic wrap (especially keeping these out of contact with food). Choose glass, lead-free ceramic, stainless steel, parchment paper and other safe materials for yourself and your family…


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Aug 14

Seeking Natural Pain Relief

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A Person Who Takes Medicine Must Recover Twice…| Lee’s Summit Chiropractor

Without a doubt, drugs have the ability to save lives–that’s not in question. The way I’ve always seen drugs is as a bridge; that is, a means to navigate your way to the other side of a health issue. All drugs have side-effects and all drugs work on a multitude of pathways in the body, so taking them long-term can often lead to the patient exchanging one problem for another. For example, long-term treatment of inflammation with corticosteroids, like prednisone, often raises blood sugar (leading to adrenal diabetes), thins the bone (increasing the risk of osteoporosis) and weakens the immune system (impeding your immune function). Some drugs are required for a lifetime, as in the case of someone whose thyroid was removed–but in most cases, there are many healthy and natural alternatives to drugs which get to the real cause of the issue, rather than masking the symptoms (which is what drugs often do). The key is to make the required changes so you no longer need the drugs; otherwise, drugs may be required for a life-time…

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Jul 23

A Case for Getting our Nutrition from Food not Enrichment

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Metallic Cereal and False Nutrition | Lee’s Summit Chiropractor

Our bodies are designed to absorb nutrients from plant, animal and microbial sources-not from rocks and metal. With food enrichment, like what you’d see in enriched wheat bread, cereal and cheap synthetic multivitamins, you find sources of minerals that the body has a hard time absorbing and which could potentially cause health problems to the individual. For example, foods fortified with iron can lead to iron build-up in the body-as this form of iron tends to be difficult for the body to clear; which can, in turn, lead to more oxidative stress on the body (a marker for many health challenges). And this explains why your cereal is magnetic (see link below)-the iron filings they use to fortify can be removed with a powerful magnet. You can’t do this with experiment with naturally-rich sources of iron, like spinach!

An analogy I heard recently went along the lines of this: if you imagine a golf ball next to the Empire State building, this is the difference in size and magnitude between minerals found in food versus minerals derived from metal or rock placed in our food. This is the importance of getting our nutrients from whole foods and taking whole-food supplements-not from enriched foods or cheap synthetic multivitamins.

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Apr 28

Is Sitting Truly the New Smoking?

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Lying in Opposition to Life | Lee’s Summit Chiropractor

Here’s a news flash: movement is healthy! Shocking, I know. We don’t often ascribe robust health to those confined to bed-rest nor do we imagine a life with washboard abs and buns-of-steel springing into existence after watching a marathon of “Duck Dynasty” (although your beard may be fuller afterwards).

Lately, the news has been awash with reports of how sitting has become the new smoking—but do these comparisons hold true? The answer is a resounding “no”, but this by no means downplays the importance of moving daily. By moving I don’t mean working out for an hour a day—this, as it turns out, does little to prevent the onset of illnesses associated with being sedentary. What we as humans require to be healthy is more than a desultory stroll through a twisted clockwork of gym appliances. Truly, we must rediscover our old connections to movement.

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Pilates for Mind-Body, Back Pain and Much More!
By Writer and Pilates Instructor Megan Rau

Pilates: Defining the Very Art of Definition

Having struggled with illness for much of his Chiropractor Exercises for Sciatic Pain | Pilateschildhood life, Joseph Pilates, the founder of Pilates, was on a mission to heal the world through movement. At his core, Pilates believed that illness was caused by modern lifestyle, poor posture and improper breathing. The Pilates method addresses two of these principles in breathing and posture, which is why we hold this technique in such high esteem. Our lives revolve around poor breathing and activities demanding
poor posture, like computer work—Pilates offers us the tools necessary
to break free of these unhealthy patterns.

While often compared to yoga, Pilates differs in the following ways:

  • Pilates is less meditative and more exercise-focused and energizing
  • Pilates creates strength (especially core strength) without bulk and is great for weight loss, whereas yoga tends to focus more on deep intense stretching
  • Pilates involves the use of equipment (Pilates ball)
  • These minor distinctions aside, both yoga and Pilates share many common threads, such as: enhanced mobility, improved breathing and posture, stress reduction and greater mental and physical stamina.

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    Whole Food Supplements to Amend an Empty Harvest

    It’s becoming harder and harder to get all that your body needs from diet alone. Sad but true. Not with fast food pervading most dinner tables, modern farming practices emphasizing quantity rather than quality and people eating on the go, in a rushed and frenzied state. So what do you do to ensure your body has the resources it needs to face all the challenges that life presents? Supplements, right? Ah, if it were only that simple. You may be aware of all the research coming out that supplements don’t help prevent the onset of disease and may have even heard that they produce nothing more than expensive (and colorful) urine, but this too is only half true. Let’s untangle this issue, shall we, piecing together the puzzle to show how supplements fit into the befuddling equation of health.

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    Mar 19

    Acceptance: Breaking Free of the Chinese Finger Trap

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    “Understanding is the first step to acceptance
    and only with acceptance can there be recovery”

    —Albus Dumbledore

    Moving Beyond the Painful Trap | Lee’s Summit

    Like pedestrians at a crosswalk awaiting a signal which may never appear, many feel stuck in life, standing in the same position for days, months and even years, unable to move ahead. What is it about the age in which we live that engenders this feeling? We’re overwhelmed with our fast-paced existence and the stresses which circumscribe and envelope our work and personal relationships. We want to move beyond, but few understand how to get there. The signal beckons us forth to move ahead, but we must first embrace acceptance, aware of our place in the world and our inability to move beyond our circumstances. Unacceptance is the Chinese fingertrap of life: the more we pull, the tighter things gets—so we pull harder and harder still in an effort to prise ourselves free, and eventually find ourselves…(grunt)…(arghhh)…(gasp)…stuck!

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    Back Pain: An Unwelcome Visitor | Lee’s Summit

    You go through life relatively unscathed, with an occasional bump here or bruise there and barely a scratch to show for years of continued wear and tear, and then one day it hits you…POW! Your back, which up to this moment had been a lifelong ally, is now pitted against the rest of your body in a “battle royale”. And it all happens so innocently. You picked up a moving box with your knees locked as you bent forward; lifted your toddler off the floor in a distracted moment and then twisted; performed one too many downward facing dogs in yoga class; spent the weekend traveling as a roadie for KISS…the list is endless! And so your back pain is now unrelenting, forcing you to take action, which brings us to chiropractic.

    As a chiropractor I’m amazed at how quickly this situation can be remedied—even for cases of chronic back pain that plagued the sufferer for decades. Chiropractic fixes the problem in the majority of cases, but what is the primary cause? If you find yourself with the unenviable condition of back pain, you too will go searching for the cause and (in doing so) present your chiropractor with the following question, “My back is killing me doc…now what can I do to prevent this from ever happening again?!” To which I will reply, “Why not consider the following…”

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    Lee’s Summit Chiropractor | Detox Bath

    The bathtub sits quietly in our dwelling, a humble apparatus neglected by many, waiting patiently for the yearly bath heralding forth it’s triumphant return to relevance. But this unsung domestic hero can and is being used by many to stimulate circulation, calm muscle cramps, relieve joint stiffness, diminish back pain, promote proper detoxification within the body (through the skin) and bring a calm and peace which is absent amid the hectic tumult which envelops and encircles our lives. Abandon your preconceptions of what you thought a bath was and expand your boundaries on what it can be: a powerful ally in your path towards wellness!

    The Bath and Beyond

    Sure, in years past you may have taken the effervescent plunge into a bubble bath with the hot pink froth and olfactory-punishing, mad-scientist-concocted fragrances. Perhaps you’ve even tried a packaged amalgam of various salts and essential oils. The latter is closer to the essence, and both provide some relaxing elements. But once or twice a year isn’t doing your body justice and a scoop of salt in an enormous tub is merely scratching the surface. Here’s what we have in mind for you—some fun combinations to add a little zest to your bath:

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    Lee’s Summit Chiropractor | Green Smoothies

    What are Green Smoothies?

    Green smoothies are the perfect way to begin your day, providing you with a whole-food nutritional punch packed full of all the raw vitamins, minerals and enzyme potential your body needs to get you through your day. The basic recipe for a green smoothie is: Milk base (we prefer canned organic coconut milk or organic or raw milk kefir) + fruit (organic berries are ideal—fruits such as organic green apples are wonderful as well) + greens (organic kale, swiss chard and spinach is what we typically use—spinach is the mildest for newbies) + filtered water = smoothie. Of course, there is no “right” way to make a smoothie—feel free to experiment with recipes online and make such additions as: raw organic egg yolks, beets (and beet roots), carrots, soaked nuts and seeds, nutritional yeast flakes, chia seeds, shredded coconut and coconut oil and superfoods like spirulina, bee pollen, cacao and maca powder. The possibilities are endless!

    Here’s an example of a green smoothie recipe we often use:

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