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Sep 18

Low Testosterone and Plastics

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Low Testosterone, Cancer and Plastic | Lee’s Summit Chiropractor

Plastics are only a recent addition to the world, existing for less than 200 years, yet in our modern era everywhere we turn plastic is there waiting for us. This has, ultimately, led to plastic even showing up in our food, which has recently led to the discovery that people who are exposed to high levels of phthalates (a chemical found in plastics) have lower levels of testosterone in their blood compared to those exposed to reduced levels of phthalates. These results may have significant public health implications because low testosterone levels have been found to negatively affect reproductive development, and may also hinder sexual function, libido, energy, cognitive function and bone health.

Not only that, but many plastics contain xenoestrogens (or foreign estrogen molecules which mimic estrogen in the body). These foreign estrogens can lead to hormone and fertility issues in both men and women, while increasing the risk of many forms of cancer. Reduce your risk of plastic exposure by avoiding all plastic containers and plastic wrap (especially keeping these out of contact with food). Choose glass, lead-free ceramic, stainless steel, parchment paper and other safe materials for yourself and your family…


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