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Aug 14

Seeking Natural Pain Relief

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A Person Who Takes Medicine Must Recover Twice…| Lee’s Summit Chiropractor

Without a doubt, drugs have the ability to save lives–that’s not in question. The way I’ve always seen drugs is as a bridge; that is, a means to navigate your way to the other side of a health issue. All drugs have side-effects and all drugs work on a multitude of pathways in the body, so taking them long-term can often lead to the patient exchanging one problem for another. For example, long-term treatment of inflammation with corticosteroids, like prednisone, often raises blood sugar (leading to adrenal diabetes), thins the bone (increasing the risk of osteoporosis) and weakens the immune system (impeding your immune function). Some drugs are required for a lifetime, as in the case of someone whose thyroid was removed–but in most cases, there are many healthy and natural alternatives to drugs which get to the real cause of the issue, rather than masking the symptoms (which is what drugs often do). The key is to make the required changes so you no longer need the drugs; otherwise, drugs may be required for a life-time…

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