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Jul 23

A Case for Getting our Nutrition from Food not Enrichment

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Metallic Cereal and False Nutrition | Lee’s Summit Chiropractor

Our bodies are designed to absorb nutrients from plant, animal and microbial sources-not from rocks and metal. With food enrichment, like what you’d see in enriched wheat bread, cereal and cheap synthetic multivitamins, you find sources of minerals that the body has a hard time absorbing and which could potentially cause health problems to the individual. For example, foods fortified with iron can lead to iron build-up in the body-as this form of iron tends to be difficult for the body to clear; which can, in turn, lead to more oxidative stress on the body (a marker for many health challenges). And this explains why your cereal is magnetic (see link below)-the iron filings they use to fortify can be removed with a powerful magnet. You can’t do this with experiment with naturally-rich sources of iron, like spinach!

An analogy I heard recently went along the lines of this: if you imagine a golf ball next to the Empire State building, this is the difference in size and magnitude between minerals found in food versus minerals derived from metal or rock placed in our food. This is the importance of getting our nutrients from whole foods and taking whole-food supplements-not from enriched foods or cheap synthetic multivitamins.

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