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What is binaural audio and how does it work?

Binaural audio is a form of music therapy that work on the principle that rhythmic sounds with carefully selected patterns and frequencies synchronize with natural brain rhythms and, by doing so, will actually enhance or suppress a brainwave pattern. This allows a person to selectively bring the mind into specific mental states by stimulating different brainwaves. To listen to a binaural beat, you would use headphones to pipe sound to each ear. Each tone will be at a slightly different frequency, resulting in the “beat” you perceive. The difference in Hertz (Hz) between the sounds determines the effect on brainwaves. Here’s a general list of tone differences and the effect they’re meant to achieve.

Brainwave Patterns

  • Delta waves: Less than 4 Hz; deep, dreamless sleep and unconsciousness.
  • Theta waves: 4 – 7 Hz; deep meditation, non-REM sleep.
  • Alpha waves: 7 – 13 Hz; wakeful relaxation, drowsiness, REM sleep.
  • Beta waves: 13- 39 Hz; active concentration, arousal, paranoia.
  • Gamma waves: Greater than 40 Hz; high-level mental activity, problem-solving. 
  • Download some binaural audio to try out!

    Look for free tracks on YouTube by searching the following terms:

  • Binaural + Alpha: Click here for Alpha Binaural Beats on YouTube
  • Binaural + Delta: Click here for Delta Binaural Beats on YouTube
  • Binaural + Theta: Click here for Theta Binaural Beats on YouTube
  • Explore what is out there and find the program which is right for you. Our favorite artist in this genre is Steven Halpern and he has an excellent CD for sleep, entitled “Sleepscape Delta.”

    Here are some samples we think you’ll enjoy on YouTube:

  • Important Note: It is recommended that you avoid Beta and Gamma wave programs unless you are trying to study or problem solve—these binaural frequencies are not conducive to relaxation. For more information on binaural audio, visit the Wikipedia link:

    Binaural audio as music therapy

    Next time you’re feeling down, see if binaural audio can help. Studies have shown that binaural audio can help with: stress, pain, migraines, endocrine disorders (such as PMS) and behavioral or psychological issues. Other therapeutic suggestions include:

  • Resting and Sleep Support: One of the easiest introductions to binaural audio is to play it while you rest, using alpha waves for a nap or delta (or theta) waves for deeper rest. If you missed a night’s sleep, taking a nap listening to theta waves (4 to 7 Hz) could help you feel more rested.
  • To accelerate healing in the body, try listening to theta waves in 20 to 30 minute sessions throughout the day.
  • Meditation: Meditation is made easy with binaural audio. Try listening in the 5 to 8 Hz range (alpha wave).
  • Final note on binaural audio

    Binaural audio is not a one-size-fits-all approach and we recommend you find a program that feels right to you. Try many programs to get a feel for the different frequencies. You may gravitate towards something in the alpha range or perhaps theta suits your present mood. There are no risks to binaural audio, but it is recommended that your attention be undivided whilst listening and that you avoid operating machinery (or driving) while using this powerful healing tool.

    For more information on binaural audio, relaxation, pain or anything health-related for that matter, contact us at:

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