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May 08

Axis Chiropractic + Wellness: “Our Philosophy”

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About This Video

According to the Hippocratic Oath, a physician should “prevent disease whenever (possible) for prevention is preferable to cure.” With the rising cost of healthcare, increase in diabetes, heart disease and cancer, and the rise in obesity one fact is certain: we are not taking the necessary strides to prevent illness. This lack of focus on prevention comes at a greater cost to the ones we love and care for and ultimately society as a whole. Chiropractic is a conservative wellness approach which looks to correct and prevent illness by addressing the root cause, rather than simply masking the symptoms. The technique we employ in our clinic is one of the gentlest approaches available. We use a handheld instrument call an “Activator,” lightly producing a very slight force on the patient to help correct misalignments in the body. This technique addresses the root cause of pain at its source. Our technique is separate and apart from Chiropractic therapy in the past which employed a stronger manipulation of the spine in that our technique omits both twisting, popping, and cracking. This gentle approach ensures that no one should have to suffer from something that is completely preventable. It is our firm belief that good health and a feeling of well-being is a precious gift that should be available to us all.

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