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The Axis Chiropractic + Wellness Difference | Chiropractor in Lee’s Summit

At Axis Chiropractic + Wellness our role in the patient’s life is to provide them with the tools necessary to achieve lasting health and wellness. Our primary focus is preventative care and we believe that in order to experience radiant health, one must first understand what it takes to lead a healthy life.

The state of being in pain, fatigued or unwell is not a normal state of being, nor is it the way we were intended to live our lives—and aggressive solutions like drugs and surgery never get to the root cause of the problem. We offer a more conservative approach, which includes safe, gentle and effective chiropractic care for those experiencing any matter of pain, be it in the neck, back, knees or any other region of the body. We also offer wellness consultations for those wishing to pursue a more natural approach to healthcare, where we explore your individual health history and make uniquely tailored nutritional recommendations to go beyond the symptoms and tackle the root cause. Experience what it feels like to be at your personal best and align your health with Axis Chiropractic + Wellness!

A Message from Dr. Benjamin Chambers, D.C.

Axis Chiropractic + Wellness: Dr. Benjamin ChambersMy life’s passion lies in alternative health and wellness care. Stricken with illness in my early twenties I found hope outside of conventional medicine, having gained little from the prescription drugs and other therapies offered at the time. At the age of 22 I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) which relegated me to a life spent at home, unable to work or attend school—getting out of bed was all I had energy for each day. In seeking conventional medical treatment by some of the area’s most renowned specialists, I was told to “go home and learn to live with CFS and develop coping skills.” I could not accept this dismal sentence. Through changes in exercise, diet, lifestyle and regular chiropractor adjustments I was able to overcome insurmountable fatigue, recurrent illness and pain, and I began to rebuild my life with the tools of chiropractic and holistic health practitioners. This journey defined my passion for health and propelled me into the field of chiropractic and alternative healthcare.

Health and living pain free is within reach for all of us. However, achieving true health can be a mystery with the flood of information and misinformation present in our world today. My role is that of a guide on the journey my patients take towards wellness, bringing awareness to where they need support most in their bodies, providing them with drug-free pain relief options and instilling in them the tools necessary to achieve lasting health and vitality. Align your health—you can do it!

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